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Housing script made for ESX. Originally made for ESX v1 final, but if you use an older version you should still be able to use the resource, there is a guide on how to use it here: Old ESX Conversion.

Showcase: https://youtu.be/PSZiJYBEFnM
Housing works with my garage resource, click on the image below to check it out.


You can use shells by K4MB1, or the free mythic shells. In the download there is a guide on how to use mythic shells / K4MB1 shells.
A pack with all the shells can be found here: https://k4mb1.tebex.io/package/4673316


• Furnish your house. Go to IKEA to buy furniture
• Add how much furniture you want in the config.
• Sell houses, configure how many % you should get back.
• Fully functional for OneSync.
• Fully synchronised between players.
• Multiple different house types.
• 300+ buyable houses all around the map!
• Language is fully done via the config, meaning you can easily translate it!
• Enable / disable 3D text
• Enable / disable garage (requires my garage)
• Enable / disable lockpicking
• Configure max amount of properties one player can own
• Key system, give keys to friends so they can unlock your home when you are not online
• Automatically sell houses from inactive users
• Police can raid houses
• Store items & weapons in furniture (only some furniture can store items & weapons).
• Weapon components are saved
• Own multiple houses
• And a lot more.