[QB & ESX] Garage

19.99 EUR


Improved garage system for QBCore & ESX. Allows you to preview vehicles and damages get saved. 

Showcase: ESX


  • Browse vehicles either in a menu system or by sitting in the vehicle and using arrows to switch
  • Impound included
  • You can only take out your vehicle once
  • Vehicle is spawned using OneSync methods, meaning it should not despawn randomly
  • Save damages
    • Engine health
    • Body health
    • Dirt level
    • Deformation (only if using VehicleDeformation)
    • Burst tires
    • Windows
    • Doors


Secured via FiveM's escrow system
One of the server files of this script is encrypted via FiveM's asset system, however it doesn't include anything that you should need to change. If you do need to change something, let me know what & why and I will most likely open up the code.
Make sure to:

  • Have artifacts 4752 or higher, you can update your artifacts here: windows artifacts | linux artifacts
  • Your server license key must be owned by the same account that you purchase the script on
  • You have to restart your server to gain access to the script